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Jan 06, 2006

Average Rating: 4.67
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Reply Quotidia, Jan 06, 2006

I looove Parker in a skirt suit!

Reply andrewk, Jan 06, 2006

Andrewk Loving the style here, and the dialogue is good as well!

Reply Mr. Neil, Jan 06, 2006

Hey thanks, guys!

Wow, I'm surprised I haven't gotten my daily "1" yet. Maybe it only happens whenever I creep up onto the top ten. I'll have to watch that.

The sniping is getting a little annoying. Is there anything that can be done about that?

Reply magickmaker, Jan 06, 2006

Hey, Is this is super-hero comic? *Glee*!

Reply Mr. Neil, Jan 07, 2006


Reply Xergrim, Jan 07, 2006

You get the boogeymen raters too? Hell, I think this comic's awesome just because of the great coloring work.

Reply Ozoneocean, Jan 07, 2006

I do my bit to put your score up.

Reply Mr. Neil, Jan 07, 2006


Reply Jydra, Jan 11, 2006

Yah I find that the 1 star bandits only strike the comics above them in the rankings.

That's ok, we got your back!!

Reply Mr. Neil, Jan 11, 2006

I had the most of my one-star ratings removed. I guess I had one or two that were legit, and I'm okay with that. Not everyone loves Dasien, and I don't expect them to.

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