Chapter 1, Page 7

Jan 11, 2006

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Reply Jydra, Jan 11, 2006

so what does it sa about me that my first impression is that she's queasy because she's pregnant?

Reply Jydra, Jan 11, 2006

Oh btw, are you still doing the contemporary in jokes you used to put in on DD?

Reply Mr. Neil, Jan 11, 2006

She was never pregnant. That's an urban legend that I'm sort of responsible for, due to a rather misleading description I once had of this page. There's no pregnancy here. Parker is queezy, because Michelle's eating like a pig. That's the joke.

And yes, there are lots and lots of injokes. Even in the newer episodes that will be appearing after the reruns are done. There are a couple hidden subplots, lots of references to other cartoons, and at least a few running gags. Unfortunately, I no longer have a means of reward, but I'll grant brownie points to whoever can figure them out. (Or remember them from the first time)

In fact, this page is the beginning of one of my favorite running gags.

Reply Phantom_Penguin, Jan 11, 2006

just started reading the comic, love it.

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