Chapter 2, Page 5

Feb 03, 2006

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Reply Mr. Neil, Feb 03, 2006

If you think THIS is genius, just wait until Monday!

Everyone needs to bookmark this comic, because Monday's page is the greatest superhero transformation sequence ever. EVAR!!!

Reply Joff, Feb 04, 2006

I look forawrd to it... and also Red's reaction afterwards ^_^

Reply Quotidia, Feb 05, 2006

I will never cease to giggle whenever I see the Spurt advert :D!

Reply Mr. Neil, Feb 05, 2006

Yes, yes... Spurt. Proof that my mind is constantly in the gutter.

Reply doktaluv, Feb 05, 2006

I keep having this gigantic problem, maybe you can help me solve it Mr. Neil!

Your comic is in my favorites but I forget to comment on it! Sometimes I forget to read it entirely!

But that's not the problem (well, it is), every time I get back to reading your comic again it makes me cry because I keep remembering how because I forgot to read it I miss out on the SHEER AND COMPLETE AWESOMENESS that is Dasien.

:D I'm totally making a resolution to read your comic every day now, because I keep forgetting how AMAZING it is. :D

Reply Mr. Neil, Feb 05, 2006

Psst... Read tomorrow's comic. The pay-off is absolutely precious.

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