Chapter 8, Page 7

Nov 11, 2013

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Reply Mr. Neil, Sep 26, 2013

Getting Suited Up Usually, I try to keep Dasien in a state that outside content doesn't influence the main storyline. I think Dasien's story should stand on its own and not rely on other webcomics to be part of the narrative.

In this page, however, I thought it was necessary to mention that other heroes exist in this world and maybe explain why they won't be showing up to help Das, as you think they would.

Of course, the Phalanx is something that I've mentioned before. They're a big part of Dasien's world, and we'll be seeing them later.

"Mike" is Energize, the creation of Nepath, a character who Dasien will be meeting a little bit later as well.

Superhawke is the creation of Dangerman-1973, an artist on Deviant Art.

"Mel" is Melodia, the creation of Captain Paulo, another Deviant Artist.

And "Libby" is of course Liberty The American Girl, the creation of Alan Brozozski. Liberty's adventures are part of Dasien's overall canon and will appear here in time as well.

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Reply man in black, Nov 11, 2013

So Dasien just changed in a parking garage while Parker watched?

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