Chapter 9, Page 6

Dec 06, 2013

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Reply Mr. Neil, Nov 17, 2013

He's in trouble That blue text box is an inner consciousness that talks to Lord Crimson from time to time. This is only the third time ever that it's spoken, so maybe that needed a little reminder.

By the way, I'm going to let something out of the bag here, since I changed the script quite a bit before coming back. Originally, that voice was supposed to be his true self, and the Lord Crimson we know is actually a construct of his implants.

But that's way too complicated to balance and have it make sense, so that's no longer canon. So the new canon, which we saw a few pages ago, establishes that these villains are actually under Neuros' control and that they're actually slowly breaking free. Some of them, anyway.

As for the voice, I have a different plan for that, but it'll have to wait until another story line.

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Reply man in black, Dec 06, 2013

great page

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