Chapter 9, Page 7

Dec 07, 2013

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Reply Mr. Neil, Nov 24, 2013

Concussion Wave Dasien does the Xena yell every now and then. It's kind of a thing for her, I guess.

If you guessed that LC had one final trick up his sleeve, you were right! The concussion wave is LC's ultimate attack.

He's actually done it once before, during the Crossover Wars. There's a two-page sub-story in which the Evil Overlords United send invading robots to Dasien's reality, but they send them to Lord Crimson's position by mistake.

Although it gives the readers an early taste of Lord Crimson's powers, it's a rather un-noteworthy part of the overall story, which is why it's only featured on the main site.

Later crossover events are more relevant, such as Dasien's encounter with Mindmistress, but if you REALLY want to see Lord Crimson wipe out some android invaders, it's at the tail end of Chapter 4 on

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Reply man in black, Dec 07, 2013

But will his final move be enough?

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