Chapter 9, Page 11

Dec 11, 2013

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Reply Mr. Neil, Dec 11, 2013

He's Dead, Jim. Let me save you some trouble asking...

Max is dead.

So I mentioned a while back that I had changed directions since bringing the comic back this year. These last two pages are basically just to tie up some loose ends as quickly as possible. I had actually wanted to do a real fight between these two, but I thought it would be too complicated to jump back and forth between this and Dasien's fight with Lord Crimson. So this is extremely truncated from my original plan. I just didn't think it would end up being that interesting.

So it seems that the McGuffin of the story is under control. That leaves only a few threads of the story to tie off. Will Parker jeopardize her relationship? Is Dasien dead? What is the secret of Lord Crimson?

Some of you know the answers to these. I ask that you not spoil them.

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Reply championneko, Dec 12, 2013

Just discovered Dasien yesterday :

Spoiling is bad
Dasien is beautiful
Anime are better than cartoon
And now I'm a Dasien's Fan

Private message to Parker : Go tell Michelle how you feel for her before I'll do it for you ! :p

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