Crossover Wars Mini-Comic Part 2

Dec 27, 2013

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Reply Mr. Neil, Dec 25, 2013

A Light in the Black Okay, so the reason why the top part of the comic is in black-and-white is because that represents the part of the comic that was published on the Alternate Delusions website. I didn't want to have only half the story available, so I did my own version of their comic. So the top is a strip, and the bottom is a page. Got it? Good.

This is also the only page that was fully colored the first time around.

Um, I don't remember the names of the guy in the top hat and the big green guy. But I certainly remember Padavona. He's my creation. Padavona is a parody of the late Ronnie James Dio, former frontman for such acts as Dio, Rainbow, and Black Sabbath. Padavona was also Ronnie's real last name. He had an amazing voice, but his lyrics always sounded like they were inspired by playing Dungeons & Dragons. There are a lot of jokes on this pages making fun of his sword-and-sorcery writing style. Ronnie was also very short, just like Padavona.

Another interesting cameo on this page is Clive, the spider skull. Clive was originally a mascot for my buddy Mike's band. But when they broke up, I decided to use Clive for my own purposes again. So here he is. He'll be popping up here and there, but not too often.

As I said before I'm not at all familiar with the Alternate Delusions gang, so I may have flubbed some of the characterization. I think I had actually drawn the wrong character blocking Padavona's spell with a piece of paper. The guy in the hat is supposed to be the jokey character. Oh well.

Alternate Delusions version

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