Crossover Wars Mini-Comic Part 4

Dec 29, 2013

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Reply Mr. Neil, Dec 25, 2013

Anime Nerd-Out! My view was that there's no point in doing a crossover unless you can play with some of the rules of both sides. Seeing that the Alt-Del characters have symbiote powers, I pushed for a page in which Dasien tries one on. And since the symbiotes are in a different universe, they also now have new powers.

And now here is where I let my nerd cred out a bit...and by extension, Das is made to look like a major nerd as well, because there be some obscure anime references on this page.

Dasien's version of the symbiote powers enable her to don a very anime-ish costume, inspired by costumes worn by Mylene Jenius of Macross 7 and Naga The Serpent of Slayers. She also has Sailor V's mask.

Symbiote Dasien also utilizes Sango's giant boomerang from InuYasha and B-Ko's Akagiyama missiles from Project A-Ko.

In fact, I strongly suggest you guys out there hunt down Project A-Ko, because you're going to see a lot of the stuff that would undeniably inspire Dasien. Especially that crazy fight scene toward the end.

Alternate Delusions version

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Reply man in black, Dec 29, 2013

watched project A-Ko love it and want to hunt it down again. So Dasien is a multi- faceted nerd

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