Liberty Prelude 2

Jan 03, 2014

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Reply Mr. Neil, Dec 27, 2013

The Tunguska Event From Liberty's Sourcebook, the Tunguska event is the origin of the meta-gene. An object from space explodes over the USSR, releasing the meta-gene across the world.

This near-impact is actually a real event that happened in 1903, however the stuff about the xeno-virus is obvious fiction. It's simply the vehicle that Alan chose to give an origin to his world's heroes. I've imported this concept into the H-Universe and it'll come up again in later Dasien adventures.

Commander Zerfall is a Dasien character who we will meet at a later time as well.

By the way, if you notice that Ringo's character model keeps changing, it's because I keep going back to Crossoverlord and Crossoverkill for reference, and I failed to notice that nobody ever drew him consistently.

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Reply man in black, Jan 03, 2014

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