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Jan 07, 2014

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Reply Mr. Neil, Dec 27, 2013

The Meta-Human Menace A conversation between two scientists in lab coats. See, you know that they're scientists, because they're wearing lab coats. The plot from the prologue starts to unfold a bit here.

So, I had some motivations for bringing Liberty into the Dasien canon. For one, it gives me some backstory for the meta-humans, which will come into play later. The metahumans had been mentioned earlier in Dasien, but I've never actually done anything with them. This gives me an in-road into the topic.

Second, I just wanted to republish Liberty, simply enough. The comic had gotten wiped from the internet (twice, actually), so it's nice to finally give her a permanent home here.

As long as it exists, Liberty will stay on the internet along side Dasien.

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Reply man in black, Jan 07, 2014

great page

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