Energize/Dasien Page 16

Feb 11, 2014

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Reply Mr. Neil, Jan 01, 2014

A Lot To Learn And with this page, we jump back to art produced in 2008. Notice that Dasien's hair swoops are back. They're not really supposed to be gone in the newer art. I just keep forgetting to draw them.

In resurrecting this comic, I had some concerns about why Dasien would be following a gun shipment. She and Parker would probably just called the police if it was just any old gun shipment.

So I decided that these guns had to be STOLEN guns, and the people transporting them had to be directly tied to the Gooch. Seemed more plausible for her to show up in New Rossco.

However, this makes Energize's reaction rather humorous. At the mere mention of guns, he goes all Chris Nolan Batman and jumps into action.

"No guns! Nobody dies!"

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Reply man in black, Feb 11, 2014

Energize thinking with his braun instead of his brain

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