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May 28, 2014

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Reply Mr. Neil, Jan 01, 2014

History Restored Hera shows up just in time to take the remnants of the geode. The proper course of history has been restored...or HAS it?!

Up until this point, Liberty's world and Dasien's world seem to be different in so far as what the hero variety happens to be. In Liberty's world, almost every super-powered being is a meta-human. In Dasien's world, it's much more varied.

The destruction of the geode has restored the world to a state of relative normalcy, but as we're going to learn later, some profound changes have been made as reality has shifted from the Power Heroes universe to the H-Universe.

And by the way, that means that reality has ONLY changed for Liberty. Everything else that has happened in Dasien, Heroes United/Alliance, Energize, Bombshell, etc. has happened as if it had always happened. The H-Universe itself is a result of this ripple effect.

The next time we see Liberty, things are going to be different for sure.

Ms. Victory™ used with permission of AC Comics. Ms. Victory™ appears in AC Comics' FEMFORCE, created by Bill Black.

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