Dasien Beach Bash! - Page 2

Mar 15, 2014

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Reply Mr. Neil, Mar 14, 2014

Tattoo no more! Poor Parker. When you're on the rebound from a relationship, the worst thing you can do is go hang out with your hot friend at the beach.

Oh, speaking of which, there are some obvious continuity notes here for long-time Dasien readers. First, we have the break-up with Grace. Yep, that happened, but for those of you who think I'm some kind of hack who's going to let that happen between scenes, don't worry. The details between Parker and Grace wiill be dealt with in greater detail in another chapter.

The purpose for mentioning it here will become apparent in the coming pages.

Oh, and yes, that stupid purple triangle tattoo from chapter 7 is gone. In retrospect, it was a stupid thing to have there, and I apologize for that, though I did get a good college experimentation joke out of it. And to the story's credit, Parker said she'd have it removed. So there you go.

Be back tomorrow as Palody and Parker plot things to keep the sex-crazed boys away from Dasien. …er, I mean Michelle. Oh, she's so terrible at keeping her identity a secret, she might as well go by her superhero name all the time, anyway.

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Reply man in black, Mar 15, 2014

Like a Jack in the Box, or Palody in the Box even

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