Chapter 10 Preamble: Page 6

Jun 20, 2014

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Reply Mr. Neil, Jun 22, 2014

First of all, check out this awesome fan pic sent in by a reader and artist known as ReD Ink. I post fan art on Facebook. If you're not subscribed to the Facebook page, then...why the hell not?!

Foreshadowing and retconning. Those are the themes of today's page.

Zerfall's place here is all foreshadowing. He's about as professional as superheroes get. He's also got his own team, known as the Phalanx. We WILL be seeing him again.

This scene effectively retcons Dasien's role in the E.G.O. crisis. For a variety of reasons, including one coming up on the very next page, there were some storyline difficulties with Dasien being a member of the HU Initiative. On this page, I explain it away partially by saying that Dasien was brought in as a free agent. And if you have a keen memory, you may also remember this being mentioned in Crossoverkill.

Emerald Jade was mentioned in passing on an early page of Chapter 6. But as this page now suggests, she is actually a multiverse doppelganger of The Green Avenger.

And you know what that means!

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Reply antlan87, Jun 22, 2014

All I am seeing of this comic is "Image not available"

Reply Mr. Neil, Jun 22, 2014

@antlan87: Huh... Well that's mildly irritating. I wonder what went wrong. I re-uploaded the picture.

Reply man in black, Jun 22, 2014

It saying that facebook page doesn't exist

Reply man in black, Jun 22, 2014

@man in black: The fan pic link works, the facebook one doesn't

Reply antlan87, Jun 22, 2014

@Mr. Neil: Good news, it works for me this time, though I went and saw it on the duck after I left that message.

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