Girl Of Goo Where Are You? - Page 2

Jan 02, 2015

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Reply Mr. Neil, Jan 03, 2015

Ah, the jokes are only starting, folks.

I didn't take too long in designing the Mansion Ghoul. (Yes, that's what I'm calling him.) Scooby Doo villains are always kind of generic anyway. I kinda based him on the Creeper and a couple others from the original show.

By the way, that's Shemp Howard's nervous tick that Mel's doing in the last two panels. I'm traditionally in the minority that my favorite Stooge is Shemp.

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Reply man in black, Jan 03, 2015

I thought it was Costello's tick

Reply Xailenrath, Jan 03, 2015

Nice gag! DON KNOTTS?!!

Reply Mr. Neil, Jan 03, 2015

@Xailenrath: RON ROTTS!?? WHERE?!

Reply Almightyra, Jan 04, 2015

i see those shaggy and freddy pictures, i peeped that

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